Sidsel Meineche Hansen: HOOK NO 10.

Veranstalter: gta Ausstellungen
Datum: Mittwoch, 8. November 2023 bis Freitag, 8. Dezember 2023 , Opening: 7. November, 6pm

At the invitation of Elevation 1049
Presented at gta exhibitions, ETH Zurich

Sidsel Meineche Hansen
gta gallery

Opening: Tuesday, 7. November, 6pm, gta exhibtions, ETH Zurich campus Hönggerberg

A chimney, fireplace, bedroom, sliding door, double hook: the vocabulary of the sculptures in the exhibition HOOK NO 10. lays the groundwork for an intricate web of associations connected to labor, specifically the dependencies between artisanal, industrial, biological and social reproduction and the bodies behind it. Sidsel Meineche Hansen addresses the shifting material and emotional value and valuation of crafted objects as property and objects of production. The artist’s objects highlight the psychological impact and divide between the persons who own vs those who do not, between those doing the owning vs not only those doing the crafting of the owned.

The recorded conversation Penny Drop between Reba Maybury and Sidsel Meineche Hansen can be heard on the website Courtyard.

The exhibition is developed in partnership with Four Boxes. Krabbesholm, Danish Folk High School for Art, Architecture, Design and Visual Communication where a second iteration of the exhibition will take place.

About Elevation 1049:
Elevation 1049 first launched in 2014 and is named after the geological coordinates of Gstaad (1049). This project, produced by the Luma Foundation, features in situ works created out of the specifics of time and place and is comprised of works by international artists. Most of the pieces are displayed, activated, or performed in outdoor settings in the Saanenland region, in and around Gstaad, with the aim to revive dialogue between the creative community and the region.

Exhibition plan

Penny Drop: A conversation between Sidsel Meineche Hansen & Reba Maybury