A Global History of Urban Design II FS22

Lecture A Global History of Urban Design II (052-0802)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Avermaete
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Tom Avermaete
Time: Thursdays, 09:45 - 11:30
Location: HIL E4

Course description
This course, together with Eine Geschichte des Städtebaus I / A Global History of Urban Design I that was offered in the HS 2021, provides an overview of the development of cities and urban design from the very beginning until today. It specifically challenges students to value this history on a broader, global scale, highlighting cross-cultural developments. The course aims to extend this field of knowledge beyond the focus on urban developments in Europe and North America, taking into account the various instances of cultural cross-fertilization that build up a global history of cities and urban design. From the earliest human settlements in India, Turkey and the Near East, the survey examines the traditional, pre-modern and modern concepts that have historically had a bearing on urban development, up to and including the dynamic growth of contemporary cities in Asia and Africa.

This course was developed together with Prof. Janina Gosseye (TU Delft).

Time and Location
The course will take place on Thursday morning from 09.45 to 11.30 in room HIL E4.

Corona Measures
Please make sure to respect the ETH Coronavirus guidelines. Current rules and regulations can be found here: link.

Course overview
  • 24.02.2022 / 2.01: Housing and the Industrial City
  • 03.03.2022 / 2.02: Cities and Ideologies
    SCRIPT 2.02 
  • 10.03.2022 / 2.03: Envisioning Urban Utopias
    SCRIPT 2.03 
  • 17.03.2022 / 2.04: Reconstructing the City, Constructing New Towns
    SCRIPT 2.04 
  • 24.03.2022 / no class (Seminar Woche)
  • 31.03.2022 / 2.05: New Capitals for New Democracies, New Institutions for Old Democracies
    SCRIPT 2.05 
  • 07.04.2022 / 2.06: Rethinking Masterplanning
    SCRIPT 2.06 
  • 14.04.2022 / 2.07: Countercultural Experiments with Urbanity
    SCRIPT 2.07 
  • 21.04.2022 / no class (Easter)
  • 28.04.2022 / no class
  • 05.05.2022 / 2.08: Finding Meaning in the Postmodern City
    SCRIPT 2.08 
  • 12.05.2022 / 2.09: Open-Ended Strategies for Imploding Cities
    SCRIPT 2.09 

  • Attendance to all lectures is expected and strongly recommended.
  • The lectures will be recorded and made available through the ETH Video Services.
  • For each lecture, a script can be downloaded from the Avermaete Chair website two days before the lecture.
  • This script is conceived as a working tool and we recommend you bring a print-out to the lecture to use in your note-taking.

Further / Additional readings
  • At the end of each lecture-script you will find the list of further readings in relation to that specific lecture.
  • As additional reference material, the recently published book by Prof. Tom Avermaete and Prof. Janina Gosseye (TU Delft) is recommended: Avermaete, Tom, and Janina Gosseye. Urban Design in the 20th Century : a History. Zürich: gta Verlag, 2021. It covers in great depth the individual projects and time periods taught in the lecture series. A book-sale will be held after the second lecture on March 3rd, 2022. Students can also purchase the book directly from the ETH Store on Hönggerberg.

  • Assessment by written examination.
  • Questions will cover the compulsory scripts and lectures.

Exam for the BSc Architecture Students
  • Students from the Bachelor of Architecture will do one examination that covers both courses (A Global History of Urban Design I and II) in the Sessions-Prüfungen FS2022 (2 hours).
  • The specific date of the mentioned exam will be announced online in due course.

Exam for the GESS Students
  • GESS students that only follow the course in the second semester also have their examination in the Sessions-Prüfungen FS2022 (1 hour).
  • The specific date of the mentioned exam will be announced online in due course.

  • The lectures are given in English.
  • The scripts supporting the lectures are offered in English.
  • The exam question will be bilingual (English/German). Students are free to write the exam in English, German or French.

Chair for the History and Theory of Urban Design
Prof.dr.ir. Tom Avermaete
HIL D 75.2

Student assistant:
Luca Can (lcan@student.ethz.ch)