Apartheid Modernism: German Colonialism in a Global Age

Seminar Topical Questions in the History of Architecture (052-0852-21)
Organizer: Visiting Lectureship Kennedy
Lecturers: Dr. Hollyamber Kennedy
Time: Thursdays, 11:45-13:30
Location: Zoom

This course brings a decolonizing perspective to spatial histories of German modernism. It offers a critical history of modern architecture in Germany as framed by the global networks of European, and specifically German, colonialism, which gave shape and form to the 19th and 20th centuries, and which continue to contour the world today. Using a multidirectional and decolonial approach, we will foreground local, non-European, and indigenous agencies within these histories. This seminar takes up the work of Itohan Osayimwese, focusing on how colonial encounters and imperial entanglements affected architectural developments within Germany itself, and responds to the imperative of postcolonial studies to “provincialize Europe.” A core objective will be to understand how liberal humanist thought and 19th century architectural aesthetics were informed by European colonial expansion in the Americas, Asia, and Africa, when concepts of historicity and globality were refigured in prevailing notions of the nation and the racial.

Apartheid Modernism Full Syllabus 

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Dr. Holly Amber Kennedy