Architecture and National Identities in the 19th Century (FS22)

Seminar Architecture and National Identities in the 19th Century (FS22) (052-0846-22)
Organizer: Chair Delbeke
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Maarten Delbeke, Cosmin Tudor Minea
Time: Mondays 10-12am
Location: HIL E9


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Learning Outcomes:

By the end of the semester you will gain knowledge and confidence to write and discuss about the multi-faceted relation between architecture and nationalism. You will have a complete picture about different meanings of national identities and types of nationalism and understand these concepts in a historical perspective. You will grasp the multitude of ways in which architecture is connected to ideas about nationalism and national identities and will have a critical perspective about some of the concepts used in this respect, such as historical monuments, national architecture, architectural heritage, national style, etc. Furthermore, you will discover ways to look beyond and above national identities at ideas, attitudes and works that contested, overcome, ignored or offered alternatives to nationalism.

Assessment methods:

One, 15 minutes presentation, from one of the suggested topics or on a topic of your choice in which to (a) use at least two readings in a critical manner from the supplementary readings list or found by you and (b) have a set of questions, a topic of debate, a task or game for the whole class.

Schedule and seminar themes:

21.02.22: What is nationalism and how does it relate to architecture? An introduction to the topic

28.02.22: Nationalism and the Art and Architecture of 19th century Europe

07.03.22: Transformation of Cities: Monuments, Buildings, Urban Spaces

14.03.22: Restoration and Promotion of Architectural Monuments

28.03.22: Changing Ways to Use the Past: From Revival Styles to 1900 Architecture

04.04.22: Architecture at Universal Exhibitions and the rise of the Public Museum

11.04.22: The Symbolic Role of the Peasant and the Rural Architecture

25.04.22: Cultural Identities Beyond Nationalism: Regional Identities and Other Ways of Thinking About ‘the Nation’

02.05.22: Nationalism beyond Europe: National Identities and Architecture in Colonial Empires

09.05.22: Heritage of the Communities and Cultural Appropriation

16.05.22: Nationalism today: The role of national identities