Engadin Renaissance (FS23)

Seminar Week (051-0912-23)
Organizer: Chair Delbeke
Time: 22nd-26th March 2023
Location: Engadin, Switzerland

Image: Museum Engiadinais, St. Moritz. Original photograph by Nikos Magouliotis. Poster design by Burak Kaya.

Seminar week HS22

March 22nd-26th 2023
Cost Frame C: including accomodation, transportation and most meals

Where and when did the Renaissance take place? And what does Swiss vernacular architecture have to do with it? This seminar week will be a road-trip through Engadin and its surrounding regions, devoted to the architecture, decoration, popular culture and semiotic of the Engadinerhaus. We will walk through towns like Guarda and Ardez, visit house-museums, talk to local experts and make close readings of sgraffito facades and wooden interiors. Instead of treating the Engadinerhaus like a strictly local, traditional object, we will see it as a point of intersection between two different cultures: A local popular culture of traditional building methods, folk symbols and magical beliefs, and an erudite culture of Renaissance architecture as it was disseminated through treatises and Säulenbücher. We will see how the architecture of Serlio and other Renaissance masters became a local vernacular, and vice versa, how that vernacular transformed by adopting and adapting modern ideas, aesthetics and symbols.