Seminar Week (052-1204-23)
Organizer: Chair of the Theory of Architecture | Chair of Architectural Behaviorology
Lecturers: Prof. Dr. Laurent Stalder, Conrad Kersting / Prof. Momoyo Kaijima, Sandrine Badoux
Time: Sunday, 19th - Saturday 25th of March2023
Location: Évry

The City as an object is at the same time a manifestation of and a framework for social coexistence. As such,
it is always collective. The perception of the city, of its public spaces, buildings and thresholds, however, is
always an individual and therefore subjective one, strongly informed by personal experiences, emotions
and contexts. Thus, the individual experience of public spaces and buildings, can vary drastically: A public
space, percieved as open and inclusive by many, may be experienced as barrier by others.

During the Seminar Week in spring 2023, we will explore ‚drawing‘, as an instrument of mediation: between
architecture and users, private and public, history and present, reality and imagination. In close collaboration
with the children‘s and youths psychiatry in Évry, we will work on and around the concept of the habitat
and its inherent thresholds. Students form ETH will collaborate in small groups and in conversation with
doctors and patients, to produce drawings of buildings and spaces in the city of Évry and its surroundings.
By doing so, the students will learn how to observe public space and its thresholds, how to communicate
about individual perceptions of such spaces and how to express, discuss and maybe even transform these
perceptions through drawings.

The production of these “public drawings” will provide students with the foundations of the methodology,
drawing techniques, and conceptual frameworks of “Architectural Ethnography.” The successful
participation to the Seminar „Mental Mapping and Mapping the Mind“, held in the fall Semester 2022, is
obligatory for the participation at the Seminar-Week.


Conrad Kersting