Feminine Spaces. The Future is Female is Now II

Seminar Architectural Criticism (052-0816-20)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Stalder
Lecturers: Antje Stahl / Vera Sacchetti
Time: Fridays, 15.00-16.30
Location: HCP E 47.3

A world without men only exists in Greek mythology or in science fiction – we could assume thinking of the armed women „Amazons“. But if you look at some of the spaces in our times, you will discover a whole range of places that are only occupied by women, including clubs, swimming pools, houses, hotels, parks and even entire villages. Are these artificial paradises? A form of political resistance? So-called "Safe Spaces"? Or rather prisons? As in the previous semester, we will continue to explore the architecture of contemporary gender segregation in film, art and literature, in Zurich and its surrounding area and find out whether and how it shapes the design and communal lifestyle. It is therefore required to be interested in field and feminist research as well as criticism and creative writing.

21 February 2020

Safe Space
Greg Lukianoff and Jonathan Haidt: "The Coddling of the American Mind" , The Atlantic, September 2015
Anne-Laure White: "The Case for Safe Spaces" , Dissent Magazine, April 2016

6 March 2020
Revised course syllabus

13 March 2020
Frau Architekt
Antje Stahl, “No more Frauenghetto, bitte” , NZZ
Mimi Zeiger, “Breaking Ground book on buildings by women ‘is both needed and problematic’”, Dezeen
Alexandra Lange, “Why Nicolai Ouroussoff is not Good Enough”, Design Observer

27 March 2020
Guest Lecture Evelyn Steiner

3 April 2020
Feminine Space
Alexandra Lange, "The Hidden Women of Architecture and Design", The New Yorker, 4 June 2018
Jane Rendell, "Only resist: a feminist approach to critical spatial practice", Architectural Review, 19 February 2018
N. Claire Napawan, Ellen Burke, and Sahoko Yui, "Women’s Work: An Eco-Feminist Approach to Environmental Design ", Avery Review, no. 27, November 2017
Shelby Doyle & Leslie Forehand, "Fabricating Architecture: Digital Craft as Feminist Practice ", Avery Review, no. 25, September 2017
Mimi Zeiger, "Building Sisterhood: How Feminists Sought to Make Architecture a Truly Collective Endeavor", Metropolis, 8 August 2019
Bonus: Jane Rendell, "Feminist Architecture: From A to Z", Reading Design

24 April 2020
Spaces Essay In progress discussion
Log 48 – Expanding Modes of Practice 

8 May 2020
Guest Lecture Sarah Owens


Antje Stahl
Vera Sacchetti