Feminine Spaces. The Future is Female is Now II

Seminar Architectural Criticism (052-0816-20)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Stalder
Lecturers: Antje Stahl
Time: Fridays, 14.45-18.00
Location: HCP E 47.3

A world without men only exists in Greek mythology or in science fiction – we could assume thinking of the armed women „Amazons“. But if you look at some of the spaces in our times, you will discover a whole range of places that are only occupied by women, including clubs, swimming pools, houses, hotels, parks and even entire villages. Are these artificial paradises? A form of political resistance? So-called "Safe Spaces"? Or rather prisons? As in the previous semester, we will continue to explore the architecture of contemporary gender segregation in film, art and literature, in Zurich and its surrounding area and find out whether and how it shapes the design and communal lifestyle. It is therefore required to be interested in field and feminist research as well as criticism and creative writing.


Antje Stahl