Philanthropy, Taxation, Debt: Architecture and City in Jerusalem

Seminar Week - Study Trip (056-0106)
Organizer: MAS
Lecturers: Dr. Anne Kockelkorn, Dr. Susanne Schindler
Time: 3–7 February 2020

Ram Karmi, housing project Ha’Achot Ha’Yehudit, Giloh, completion ca. 1970, current condition (2020). Picture: Susanne Schindler

During the five days, we will aim to read the city of Jerusalem through the lens of finance. Who, throughout the last one thousand years, has paid for the buildings and infrastructures of the Holy City and toward what end? How did these modes of financing take effect on urbanization and architectural production? How might we speculate on the relationship between the abstraction of finance and the tangibility of architecture? The program includes the Christian contributions (tithes) and Islamic trusts (Waqf) which built the monuments of the Old City; the philanthropy that contributed to the national institutions of Knesset, Supreme Court, and National Library; as well as the global investment and new mortgage instruments which has brought a wave of malls and condominiums both to Israeli West Jerusalem and the Palestinian West Bank.