Pressure Points - The Subjects of Race and Feminism

Seminar Theory of Architecture (052-0818-23)
Organizer: Visiting Lectureship Choi
Lecturers: Dr. Rebecca Choi
Time: Thursday, 15:45-17:30
Location: HCI E 2

This course examines the built environment through a set of lenses developed in Black studies, Critical Race Theory, feminist technoscience theory, Black queer and trans studies. In asking questions around exclusion and belonging in the contemporary study of spaces, the course explores how constructs around race and gender have created interlocking forms of oppression that permeate the culture practice and discipline of architecture - an imagination which pressures the field to contend with the past and nurture a radical practice of imagination where it might unhinge itself from systems of oppression in the immediate present.


Dr. Rebecca Choi