The Color Line

Lecture History and Theory of Architecture VIII (063-0804-01)
Organizer: Visiting Lectureship Choi
Lecturers: Dr. Rebecca Choi
Time: Fridays 15.45-17.30
Location: Zoom:

This course begins with the premise that architecture’s “color,” or its not-quite-so-whiteness, is difficult to see. Thinking through the color line as it was quite often literalized through built architectures, the course acknowledges the ways in which the discipline and profession has historically contributed to the racialization of space by building segregated geographies. The lectures, however, focus on projects and ideas by tracing subjects who cut across “lines”, resisted and countered these spaces presumed to have rigid boundaries by imagining, building, defining and galvanizing alternative lifeworlds.

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Dr. Rebecca Choi