The Ways of the Architect (Fachsemester)

Focus Work (063-0856-21)
Organizer: Chair Delbeke
Lecturers: Gregorio Astengo and Maarten Delbeke

Fachsemester at D-Arch:

The Fachsemester is a new development at D-ARCH. It allows students to work for an entire semester on a research project and to obtain an equal amount of credits as for a design studio. It offers you the opportunity develop your research skills in the fields of the history and theory of art, architecture and urban design, and construction history.

Subject Semester (Fachsemester) FS21 in the Field of History and Theory of Architecture (gta, Prof. Delbeke)

This History Research Studio aims at exploring the artistic, social and cultural paradigms through which the figure of the early modern architect became institutionalized and canonized or, conversely, was questioned and challenged, through professional practices, craftsmanship, discourse, iconography, education, politics and so on. Students are invited to identify and investigate their own specific case studies that pertain to this theme. The Studio will teach students to be both historically and critically competent. By combining different historiographical approaches, students will develop the skills to articulate their research questions, carry out appropriate primary and secondary study and write a complete paper.


The weekly meetings will be held on Wednesday in the afternoon. Members of the chair supervise the sessions, with the first four focused on research methods and the rest on writing and feedback. Excursions and site visits will provide participants with further context about the theme of the semester and its possible articulations.

Dates for meetings: Wednesdays 24.02; 03.03; 10.03; 17.03; 14.04; 21.04; 28.04; 05.05; 12.05; 19.05; 26.05; 02.06
Individual work: Tuesdays 23.02; 02.03; 09.03; 16.03; 13.04; 20.04; 27.04; 04.05; 13.05; 18.05; 25.05; 01.06

The deadline for handing in the research paper (60 pages) is Friday 2 July 2021.

Announcing your interest:

Places for this Subject Semester are limited. Please send your candidacy by email (a 300-word motivation letter and, a 300-word statement on your topic of interest) by Wednesday 20 January 2021 at the latest to:

You will receive a message on your acceptance for the Fachsemester by Wednesday 3 February 2021.