Nikolaos Magouliotis
Curriculum vitae

Nikos Magouliotis studied architecture and architectural history & theory in Athens (NTUA) and Oslo (AHO). He has worked as a teaching assistant in the Athens School of Architecture and as a field expert for academic groups visiting Athens. He is currently assistant and PhD candidate in the ETH Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) at the Chair of Prof. Maarten Delbeke, in collaboration with the research program " PriArc: Printing the Past. Architecture, Print Culture and Uses of the Past in Modern Europe". He has published several texts on the various incarnations and theorizations of the primitive and the vernacular. His previous thesis research for the "Design-Space-Culture" MSc program in the NTUAthens School of Architecture focused on the dissemination of concrete and the "polykatoikia" typology in the Greek countryside after WWII and the post-traditional vernacular architectures that resulted from this process. His current doctoral research focuses on the historiography of the vernacular and the byzantine in late 19th and early 20th century Greece, as it manifests in the field of architectural theory and practice, but also intertwined with similar advances within archaeology and ethnography.