Niloofar Rasooli
Curriculum vitae

Niloofar Rasooli (she/her) is a scholar-activist, writer, and journalist from Iran. She moved from Tehran to Zürich in 2021 and now holds a doctorate fellowship at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture, gta, ETH Zürich. Her doctoral research, "Transgressing the Forbidden: Gender Boundaries and Their Counter-Narratives in Iran (1848–1936)", investigates feminist criticism and resistance, as well as the collective critical imagination, against the disciplined built environment of pre-modern Iran. Niloofar holds a master's degree in studies of architecture in Iran, Faculty of Fine Arts, University of Tehran (2018). Before joining gta, she worked as a journalist, editor, and essayist in Tehran, contributing to various political and architectural journals and newspapers, focusing on women's conflicts, stories, and resistance. Niloofar’s writings have been featured in trans magazine, Woz, 1.mai committee, Koubeh, Etemad, Kargadan, Abadi, among many others.