Yue Zhao
former doctoral student
Curriculum vitae

Yue Zhao is a doctoral candidate at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) at the Chair of Prof. Dr. Maarten Delbeke. Her Phd research focuses on the interaction between the field of architecture and optic psychology around 1900 in Germany.

She studied architecture and urban design in China and obtained her Masters in history and theory of Chinese architecture at Southeast University, Nanjing, with a thesis on the institutional construction of “vernacular houses” in China between 1953-1965. In 2014, she joined the MAS Program at gta ETHZ and graduated two years later with a research on the history of formal analysis from Heinrich Wölfflin to Bernhard Hoesli. Her publications include essays, translations, comments and interviews in various Chinese architectural journals. Besides, she is also interested in testing different visual languages through making comics.