Arch_Tec_Lab. A house for the Institute ITA

Organizer: gta Exhibitions
Date: Wednesday, 26 September 2012 to Friday, 19 October 2012 Mo–Fr 11 a.m.-15 p.m.; closed on Saturdays/Sundays and public holidays
Location: Freight container, HIL, Hönggerberg, ETH Zürich

Opening event: Tuesday, 25 September 2012, 7 p.m.; freight container, HIL, Hönggerberg, ETH Zurich

The Institute of Technology in Architecture ITA is a separate area within the Department of Architecture. Following the expansion and restructuring of its content focus in 2009, it now acts as a bridge between architectural design studies and the building process. This is also reflected in the composition of its chairs. It aims both to provide expert, scientifically based support for instruction and to serve in the building industry as a centre for technology in architecture.
The Institute’s chairs work together to shape the future of construction through life-size research projects. The Arch_Tec_Lab project, for instance, is more than just the building that will house the Institute from 2014 onwards: it is also a research laboratory applying the various approaches of the chairs and external specialists involved. The activities of this interdisciplinary “architectural office of the future” are designed to be relevant to construction in the real world, with results that flow directly into research and industry. The exhibition examines the creative process through the ITA’s specific working method, concentrating on a range of research areas: digital fabrication, zero emission, parametric design and the generic building description HIB.log.

An exhibition by the Institute for Technology in Architecture ITA, Department Architecture, ETH Zurich in collaboration with the Institute gta

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