gta re-vue

Organizer: gta Ausstellungen
Date: Tuesday, 31 October 2017 to Wednesday, 20 December 2017
Time: 10.00 to 18.00
Location: Baubibliothek,  HIL E 2, ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg

gta re-vue

Baubibliothek, ETH Zurich, Hönggerberg
Opening 31 October 2017, 6.00 p.m.
1 November – 20 Dezember 2017
Concept and direction: Ita Heinze-Greenberg in collaboration with Silvan Blumenthal, Martínez Múgica Mikel, Sarah Elly Nichols and Yue Zhao

In the 50th anniversary year of the Institute of History and Theory of Architecture (gta), the doctoral program of the gta celebrates its 5th jubilee. It further strengthened one of the Institute’s founding pillars, namely scientific research that results in a dissertation.
Within the context of a doctoral seminar, a small group has chosen to examine 50 years of dissertations at the gta Institute. The 108 PhD theses completed up to the key date of 23 June 2017 have been sifted according to various criteria, including a statistical evaluation. The interesting insights that have emerged are combined with excerpts from interviews and strategy papers, notebook entries by gta Institute founder Adolf Max Vogt and a list of all the doctoral candidates since 23 June 1967, and here issued in a gta re-vue – derived from the idea and the phenomenon of the student flyers and newspapers of the 1968 movement.
The revue is accompanied by an exhibition in the Baubibliothek, which along with a number of surprising exhibits from the Adolf Max Vogt archival holdings assembles and presents all of the dissertations completed at the gta Institute as well as those by its teaching professors.