New Monte Rosa Hut SAC Maribor

Organizer: gta Ausstellungen
Date: Thursday, 2 February 2012 to Friday, 24 February 2012
Location: Maribor (SLO), as part of the event «Maribor 2012 – European Capital of Culture»

As part of the Touring Exhibition the exhibition about the New Monte Rosa Hut was shown in Maribor (Slowenia).

The project was developed by students of the Studio Monte Rosa and numerous experts using an interdisciplinary approach. The ETH Zurich intends the building to serve as a model for the successful linkage of architecture with sustainability and modern technology.


New Monte Rosa Hut SAC. Self-Sufficient Building in the High Alps
ETH Zürich (ed.)
23 × 27 cm, hardcover, c. 220 pages, c. 100 ill.
gta Verlag, Zurich 2010, CHF 65.–/Euro 43.–
English: ISBN 978-3-85676-274-2
Deutsch: ISBN 978-3-85676-273-5
french version out of print

Der Bergkristall / Cristal de roche
Die Neue Monte-Rosa-Hütte SAC / La nouvelle cabane du Mont Rose CAS
Zehn Baugeschichten / Dix histoires de construction
DVD, ETH Zurich 2009, 26 Min.
CHF 25.- (packing and shipping costs extra)
Euro 16.50 (packing and shipping costs extra)

set with 6 motifs of the New Monte Rosa Hut SAC
CHF 5.- (packing and shipping costs extra)
single motifs from 10 cards
CHF 10.- (packing and shipping costs extra)