History and Theory of Architecture III

Lecture History and Theory of Architecture III (052-0805)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Stalder
Lecturers: Prof. Dr Laurent Stalder, Dr Andreas Kalpakci
Time: Thursdays, 09:45-11:30
Location: HIL E4

This two-semester lecture course introduction on the history of architecture focuses on "things of modernity" -elements, buildings, and networks from the Second Industrial Revolution of the 1850s to the oil crisis of the 1970s in Europe that changed architecture. We will consider how the technical, scientific and cultural significance of these "Things" makes them key features of modernity. The aim is to understand the relationship between architectural and discursive practices in their historical depth and ideological breadth in an exemplary manner and to make it fruitful for contemporary architecture.

Lecture Videos

1. Revolving Door: Slides 
1. Revolving Door: Essay and Literature 
2. Reform Architecture (1851-1914): Slides 
2. Reform Architecture (1851-1914): Literature 
3. Objectivity and International Style (1914-1945): Slides 
3. Objectivity and International Style (1914-1945): Literature 
4. Postwar- and Postmodernism (1945-1980): Slides 
4. Postwar- and Postmodernism (1945-1980): Literature 
5. Concrete Frame: Slides 
5. Concrete Frame: Essay and Literature 
6. Glass: Slides 
6. Glass: Essay and Literature 
7. Elevator: Slides 
7. Elevator: Essay and Literature 
8. Counter/Switch: Slides 
8. Counter/Switch: Essay and Literature 
9. Toilet: Slides 
9. Toilet: Essay and Literature 
10. The Light Bulb: Slides 
10. The Light Bulb: Essay and Literature 


Dr. Andreas Kalpakci