History of Urban Design I (HS 2018)

Lecture (052-0801-18)
Organizer: Chair of Prof. Avermaete
Lecturers: Tom Avermaete
Time: Thursday, 10.00–12.00
Location: HIL E 4

This course focuses on the history of the city, as well as on the ideas, processes and actors that engender and lead their developments and transformations. The history of urban design will be approached as a cross-cultural field of knowledge that integrates scientific, economic and technical innovation, as well as social and cultural advance.
The lectures deal mainly with the definition of urban design as an independent discipline, which maintains connections with other disciplines (politics, sociology, geography) that are concerned with the transformation of the city. The aim is to make students conversant with the multiple theories, concepts and approaches of urban design as they were articulated throughout time in a variety of cultural contexts, thus offering a theoretical framework for the students’ future design work.

The lecture will be held in English.

In the first semester the genesis of the objects of study, the city, urban culture and urban design, are introduced and situated within their intellectual, cultural and political contexts:

Lecture 01 / 20.9.2018
The History and Theory of the City as Project

Lecture 02 / 27.9.2018
Of Rituals, Water and Mud: The Urban Revolution in Mesopotamia and the Indus

Lecture 03 / 4.10.2018
The Idea of the Polis: Rome, Greece and Beyond
Co-instructor: Hans Teerds

Lecture 04 / 11.10.2018
The Long Middle Ages and Their Counterparts: From the Towns of Tuscany to Delhi
Co-instructor: Cathelijne Nuijsink

Lecture 05 /18.10.2018
Between Ideal and Laboratory: Of Middle Eastern Grids and European Renaissance Principles
Co-instructor: Janina Gosseye

Lecture 06 / 1.11.2018
Of Absolutism and Enlightenment: Baroque, Defense and Colonisation
Co-instructor: Irina Davidovici

Lecture 07 / 08.11.2018
The City of Labour: Company Towns as Cross-Cultural Phenomenon
Co-instructor: Irina Davidovici

Lecture 08 / 15.11.2018
Garden Cities of Tomorrow: From the Global North to the Global South and Back Again
Co-instructor: Cathelijne Nuijsink

Lecture 09 / 22.11.2018
Civilised Wilderness and City Beautiful: The Park Movement of Olmsted and the Urban Plans of Burnham
Co-instructor: Janina Gosseye

Lecture 10 / 29.11.2018
The Extension of the European City: From the Viennese Ringstrasse to Amsterdam Zuid
Co-instructor: Hans Teerds

Lecture 11 / 6.12.2018

Prior to each lecture a chapter of the reader (Script) will be made available through the webpage of the chair. These chapters will provide an introduction to the lecture, the basic visual references of each lecture, key dates and events, as well as references to the compulsory and additional reading.

There are three books that will function as main reference literature throughout the course:
  • Francis D. K. Ching, Mark Jarzombek and Vikramditya Prakash. A Global History of Architecture. Hoboken: Wiley, 2017.
  • Richard Ingersoll. World Architecture: A Cross-Cultural History. New York: Oxford University Press, 2018.
  • Kathleen James-Chakraborty. Architecture since 1400. Minneapolis: University of Minnesota Press, 2014.

These books will be reserved for consultation in the ETH Baubibliothek, and will not be available for individual loans. A list of further recommended literature will be found within each chapter of the reader (Script).
Students are required to familiarise themselves with the conventions of architectural drawing (reading and analysing plans at various scales).