Seminar für Doktorierende
Advanced Topics in History and Theory of Architecture Fall 2017

Seminar für Doktorierende Methods in the History of Art and Architecture (064-0005-17)
Veranstalter: Doctoral Program
Dozierende: Dr. Erik Wegerhoff und verschiedene Gäste
Zeit: Donnerstags 16:45 - 18:30 pm (ab dem 5. Oktober)
Ort: HIL D10.2 and andere (tba)

Etienne-Louis Boullée: Opéra au Carrousel, 1781
from: Gallica, Bibliothèque nationale de France

This course explores the visual media of architecture. Taught mostly in the rich collections of Zurich, and drawing expertise from various specialists, the seminar is an attempt to make sense of architectural representations – to learn about their techniques, but also to discuss their role and potential meaning within various periods, cultures and practices. A particular focus will be put upon (the) drawing as process: the making of a drawing, the meaning of techniques, the role of the image within the design process, but also the conservation of what is often a fragile object. With this interest, the course reaches from early modern ideas on the disegno as artefact and theoretical concept, to the meaning of thick paint in nineteenth century France, to the fleeting drawing of the digital age. The aim is to sharpen sensitivity for the visual media of architecture and to foster the ability to describe and interpret these. Over the course, each participant will be required to produce a five-page „thick description“ of one architectural image that is part of their own PhD thesis, making references only to the object itself and to three texts that we will read and discuss together.


Stan Allen: Constructing with Lines 

Bruce Brooks Pfeiffer: Frank Lloyd Wright Designs 

Elisabeth Kieven: Architekturzeichnung 

Hermann Czech: Plan and Image; Akos Moravansky: The Axonometric Plan 

Robin Evans: Translations from Drawing to Building 


Dr. Erik Wegerhoff
Nikolaos Magouliotis