Gravity and Grace

Seminar Fachsemester, HS 2023 (063-0853-23)
Veranstalter: Professur Prof. Dr. Philip Ursprung
Dozierende: Prof. Dr. Philip Ursprung, Josephine Baan, MFA Fine Arts, Dr. Paola De Martin, Tim Klauser, Dipl.-Ing. Arch.

Gravity and Grace

Our Fachsemester in HS 2023 is motivated by the book Gravity
and Grace (1947), a posthumously published compilation of
writings by the French philosopher and political activist Simone

The syllabus will contain, besides writings by Simone Weil,
articles and book chapters on philosophy, performance, dance,
architecture and politics. Students are invited to develop their
own texts in relation to the overall topic.

Our aim is to increase the facility of students for understanding
spatial, social, political and historical interrelations. We support
students to develop their skills in writing and reading, to make
their voices heard, and to experiment, together with the teaching
group, with new educational forms for the history and theory of

The group will meet on Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10-13h
First meeting : Thursday, 21 September 2023
Excursion to Texaid-Textilverwertungs-Aktiongesellschaft in
Midterm review: 8 November 2023
Final review: 20 December 2023