Sesc Stories: A Social Archive

Seminarwoche (-)
Veranstalter: Professur Avermaete
Dozierende: Tom Avermaete, Irina Davidovici, Hans Teerds

This seminar trip will focus on the urban presence of the Sesc (Serviço Social do Comércio) as a collective actor in the everyday life of São Paolo. Under the umbrella of this not-for-profit private institution, more than thirty social welfare centres have been built that provide affordable cultural, leisure, health and educational facilities to all inhabitants of the region. This network of Sesc centres becomes an agent for the production of city life in the various neighbourhoods. In this Seminar Woche, we examine how the architecture of these urban figures contributes to the everyday life of Paulistas. During the Seminar Woche we will analyse six Sesc centres, which offer a variety of programmes and urban configurations, including Lina Bo Bardi’s Sesc Pompeia and the recent Sesc24 de Maio, designed by Paolo Mendes da Rocha and MMBB Arquitetos. The intention is to develop new material which examines how the urban and architectural framework that the Sescs offer, is appropriated by the local communities, generating adaptable civic spaces in the city. In collaboration with students from São Paolo University, we will set up a Social Archive recording stories and visual testimonials of Sesc users. The material thus generated will contribute to our Chair’s Sesc Stories exhibition at the XII International Architecture Biennale of São Paulo, which will be ongoing at that time (September – December 2019).