TORINO Order & Divertimenti

Seminarwoche (010-901)
Veranstalter: Professur Delbeke
Zeit: 23-28 October 2017
Ort: Turin, Italy

Despite its rigid and persistent urban order, the city of Torino has generated numerous divertimenti in varying scales over the course of its history. During our trip, we will investigate the political, urban and architectural order of the city’s grid, while at the same time searching for diversions from it. Such divertimenti may range in scale, from irregular street patterns, to outstanding individual buildings, to architectural details. We will begin at Torino's center and gradually move towards its rural periphery, visiting royal Palazzi and Baroque churches. We will also explore the city's Early Modern underground tunnels and its eccentric modern houses that have become repositories of Torino's underground occult and dark spiritualist history. We will gain access to both notable historic monuments and selected hidden gems, and take part in lectures and city tours by local experts. In Torino, the rule and its exception have always existed in symbiosis across varying scales, styles and historical periods. With this in mind, our goal will be to investigate the city's uniform blocks and thereby discover, document and analyze Torino’s overarching rules, alongside its deviations.

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