Institute gta
Main Areas of Research

The Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture offers a wide range of courses, ranging from information-oriented lectures for the Bachelor and Master Programmes, to specialized elective and major subjects, to the integrated discipline of design instruction and problem-oriented supervision of examination theses. The professors’ special commitment to providing supervision of doctoral students is regarded as an interface between teaching and research. In 2012 a doctoral programme was introduced at the Institute which is aimed at encouraging young international scholars of excellence. Several doctoral students have been included in the gta’s research programmes devoted to selected major research topics (CIAM, 18th- and 19th-century urban spaces, major figures in Swiss architecture) and are receiving external funding. The teaching approach used in the Master of Advanced Studies Programme on ‘Theory and History of Architecture’ provides a bridge between the practical and academic fields.

Closely related to its academic work, the gta also conducts other communication and research activities within the field of architecture. The gta Archives contains important materials on
 the history of modern architecture, including the papers and unpublished works of a large number of architects. The gta Verlag publishing house is one of the leading architecture publishers in Switzerland and Europe. The exhibition service, gta Exhibitions, is involved in promoting the public profile of architecture. Its current programmes are based on extensive collaboration with partners in universities, practical architectural work, and
 the building industry.