Josephine Baan
Curriculum vitae

Josephine Baan (pronouns: they/them, also goes by the names Joseph, Jo, or any variation thereof) is an artist and educator whose practice engages in art, education and collaboration as ways to forge creative resurgence. They’re interested in the complexities of collectivity and in the possibility of establishing a solidarity that does not homogenise, but affirms difference. Their current research investigates the political currency of incoherence and illegibility within performance practice, asking what aspects of performance might angle towards liberation or abolishing the constraints that one is born into.

Their practice is closely linked to their work as an educator, which is influenced by radical pedagogy and non-hierarchical collaborative methods. They are a founding member of Rotterdam based educational collective sohere, and between 2019 and 2022 they co-ran Zurich based School of Commons; a grassroots initiative dedicated to the study and development of decentered knowledge, with a focus on practices of self-organised learning and commoning. They are dedicated to creating safer, more inclusive, and more accessible environments for learning, working, and living together.

They are a resident at Stiftung BINZ39 in Zürich from 2022 – 2024.

More info:

2013-2015 MFA Fine Arts, Goldsmiths University London, UK

2009-2011 BFA Fine Arts, Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, NL

2005-2008 BA Film Theory & Philosophy, University of Amsterdam, NL

2022 Queer Trust, Shedhalle, Zürich, CH
performance workshops on haunting and incoherence

2019 - 2022 School of Commons, Zürich, CH
School of Commons (SoC) is a grassroots initiative dedicated to the study and development of decentered knowledge, with a focus on practices of peer learning and commoning. For SoC I co-developed the conceptual and educational framework and worked closely with the participants to create an inclusive, heterogenous, and supportive learning environment.

2021 Engender Network, Royal Opera House, London, UK
workshop on gender inclusivity within the field of opera, in collaboration with Ella Taylor and Jasper Dommett.

2019 Tenderfeet, Willem de Kooning Academy and European Cultural Centre, Venice, IT
curator and educational facilitator

2018 Time To Perform, Assembled by Root, Rotterdam, NL
performance workshop series

2017-present Willem de Kooning Academy Rotterdam, NL
visiting tutor

2017-present SOHERE, Rotterdam, NL
co-founder and educational facilitator