Myroslava Liakhovych
Curriculum vitae

Myroslava Liakhovych is an architectural historian, working on modernist architecture and design. She is a researcher at the gta, ETH Zurich. She graduated from the Faculty of Journalism at Lviv Ivan Franko National University (Ukraine). She worked at "Channel 24", as journalist and output editor. She also worked as an art historian at the art center "I Gallery" (Lviv, Ukraine). She made a documentary about the Lviv Ceramics and Sculpture Factory "Labyrinths of LCSF".

From 2020 till 2022 Myroslava was working as project and research assistant at The Center for Urban History (Lviv). She was working on the "Un)archiving of (post)industry" project, on mapping and description of industrial facilities, and conducted oral history research about the industrial heritage of Lviv. Myroslava was involved in the organization of public history programs and worked on the processing of collections of Anatoliy Konsulov and Tanas Nykyforuk from the Urban Media Archive.

Myroslava founded and runs a project "Lviv. The architecture of Modernism", where she makes architectural descriptions and collects oral histories of Lviv interwar modernist buildings.

Participation in exhibitions and conferences:

2022 - Conference Triennial of Modernism, as researcher, Berlin, Germany

2022-2023 - Exhibition Series – MODERN ROOTS AND HERITAGE OF LVIV Chapter #1: “Lviv Modernism: Let buildings speak. Visual story of Lviv modern housing architecture”, as researcher and photographer, Berlin, Germany

2022 - International exhibition “Modernism for the Future” 360/365, as researcher,
Kaunas, Lithuania

2021 - Online conference "The heritage of interwar modernism: not to lose", as researcher,
Kharkiv, Ukraine

2019 - International Conference “Modernism for the Future in Kaunas”, as researcher,
Kaunas, Lithuania

2016 - Exhibition “Lwów 24 czerwca 1937. Miasto, architektura, modernizm”, Wroclaw,

2019 - Exhibition project “Bývanie v medzivojnových Košiciach. Vily a rodinné domy”, Košice, Slovakia architecture photographer


2022 - Photo book "Lviv. Architecture of interwar modernism", author of photos, book
published by the Heritage bureau of Lviv

2020 - Photo book "Ivan Levinsky. Impulse", one of the authors of the photos, publishing
house "Art-book"

2018 - Photo book "Uzhgorod Modernism", author of photos, book published by the NGO
"Institute of the City of Uzhgorod", support of the UKF

Website: modernism Lviv