Research Project
Communities of Tacit Knowledge: Architecture and Its Ways of Knowing

Research Project
Tom Avermaete, Janina Gosseye, Klaske Havik, Helena Mattsson, Tim Anstey, Christoph Grafe, Gennaro Postiglione, Angelika Schnell, Lara Schrijver, Barbara Penner, Margitta Buchert
Since 2016

“Communities of Tacit Knowledge” focuses on the concept of “tacit knowledge” in architecture and urban design. Tacit knowledge is a specific type of knowledge that architects employ when designing, which is embodied by the material vectors that they design with – from treatises and drawings to models and buildings. The Innovative Training Network (ITN) will train young researchers in the development of advanced theoretical frameworks and specialised methods for the analysis of the specific knowledge that architects and urban designers use when designing buildings and cities. It focuses on the characteristics, the dissemination and the heuristic potential of this knowledge. Structured around three training axes: (1) Approaching Tacit Knowledge: Theories and Histories, (2) Probing Tacit Knowledge: Concrete Cases and Approaches, and (3) The Projective Capacities of Tacit Knowledge, the TACK ITN, for the first time, combines the expertise on tacit knowledge that has been developed at nine different research centres in Europe. Together with three cultural institutions and nine architecture firms, these nine research centres will train a group of scholars to explore and conceptualise the very character of tacit knowledge to better understand its potential in addressing new and pressing issues in the built environment from alternative vantage points. This powerful combination of expertise from industry and academia will introduce young researchers to new heuristic methods.


Prof. Dr. Tom Avermaete
Dr. Ir. Janina Gosseye