Adam Jasper
Curriculum vitae

Adam Jasper studied philosophy and art history in Sydney, Melbourne and Freiburg (Breisgau). He received his doctorate for a phd on marginal aesthetic categories in 2010. From 2010 to 2014, he was a lecturer in the Faculty of Design, Architecture and Building at the University of Technology Sydney, and was in this time an editor of the Architectural Theory Review (Taylor and Francis). From 2015 to 2017, he was a post doctoral researcher with the Eikones NFS Iconic Criticism project in Basel. He has been a post doctoral researcher at the Institute for the History and Theory of Architecture (gta) since 2018.

In addition to his research work, Adam is the incoming editor of the architectural theory journal GTA Papers. He regularly writes for Cabinet Magazine and Artforum, amongst other publications. In 2018, he edited House Tour: Views of the Unfurnished Interior (Park Books), the catalogue accompanying the Swiss pavilion to the Venice Architecture Biennale (winner of the Golden Lion 2018).

Current Research:

Water, infrastructure and architectural rituals in Eastern Indonesia
Research for the Sharjah Architecture Triennial (Rights of Future Generations 2019)

Grand Gestures: Planning, contingency and the image of the modern city
Forthcoming with GTA Papers 2020

Books or Journals as Editor:

Jasper, Adam, ed. Architecture and Anthropology, Taylor and Francis 2018
Jasper, Adam, House Tour: Views of the Unfurnished Interior, Park Books 2018
Otero-Pailos, Jorge, and Adam Jasper, eds., Future Anterior, Journal of Historic Preservation, History, Theory, and Criticism, University of Minnesota Press, Vol 13, Number 2, Winter 2016 (special issue on olfaction, architecture and preservation with Jorge Otero-Pailos)
Jasper, Adam, ed. “Misplaced Conversations” Architectural Theory Review, Routledge, 21.1-21.2 (double issue on anthropology and architecture), 2016
Jasper, Adam, ed. “Corruption” Architectural Theory Review, Routledge, 20.2 (issue on architecture, autonomy and constraint), 2015
Jasper, Adam, ed. “Colour Theory” Architectural Theory Review, Routledge, 19.2, 2014

Some articles:

House Rules, EFlux Positions, June 28, 2018
Wrinkles in Time, World Policy Journal, Vol. 35, No. 2, Summer 2018
No Drums or Spears, RES Anthropology and Aesthetics, Issue 67, Harvard University Press
Game Theory: Adam Jasper on Harun Farocki's Final Project, Artforum, Vol 56, Issue 1, September 2017
Moschee in Venedig. Christoph Büchel auf der Biennale de Venezia 2015, Kunst und Kirche (Hrsg. Toni Hildebrandt), 2017
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Heavy is the head that wears a crown, ARCH+, Incidental Space, May 2016
Inside the Sandcastle, Regina de Paula: sobre a areia, Beco do Azougue, Rio de Janeiro, 2016
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Book Review: Making Art Global, Journal of the Art Association of Australia and New Zealand, Vol 14, Issue 1, September 2014