Anneke Abhelakh
former assistant
Curriculum vitae

Anneke Abhelakh is a curator, educator, and researcher based in Zürich, who develops projects in the field of contemporary art, architecture and public space. Through her work she interweaves and conceives tools for collective narration and reflection.

At the chair of early modern History and Theory of Prof. Dr. Maarten Delbeke, she conceptualized and implemented:
_ Xenotheka together with Dr. Miro Roman (Digital Architectonics ETHZ)
_Evaluations report D_ARCH (2019) with Maarten Delbeke and Zeljko Medved
_ the course ‘Exhibiting Architecture’
_ and collaborated with Emma Jones and David Bühler on the exhibition ‘the Hidden Horizontal, Cornices in Art and Architecture`.

She worked at the NAi (Netherlands Architecture Institute) from 2005-2010, starting as an assistant curator, to interim chief curator in the last year and established the “Studio for Unsolicited Architecture”. Anneke joined AMO to lead the OMA Progress exhibition at the Barbican and was then head of Public Program at The Berlage in Delft, before she moved to Balsthal(CH).
With KCAP, she curated an exhibition ‘Train and the City’ at the Architekturforum Zurich. In 2018 she was responsible for the program and exhibitions at ZAZ Zentrum Architektur Zürich.