Leo Zorc
former staff member
Curriculum vitae

Born in Zagreb, Croatia. Studied economics, followed by art history and theory and history of photography at the University of Zurich. Scholarship by the Dr. Alois Bettschart-Foundation und scholarship by the educational foundation of the Canton of Schwyz (Ausbildungs-Stiftung).

Current position:
Since October 2015 research associate at the digital art history department, gta Institute.

Member in:
VKKS - Association of art historians in Switzerland - www.vkks.ch
VFFS - Association of photography historians in Switzerland - www.fotohistoriker.ch
Europeana - Network Association Member - www.europeana.eu

digital art history
research databases
Semantic Web

Past positions:
2015-2017 research assistant and database administrator at the Swiss Institute for Art Research, SIK-ISEA.
2015-2016 research assistant at the media lab of the art history department, University of Zurich.
2015 Teaching assistant - art and its techniques. Art history department, University of Zurich.
2014-2015 Project assistant - print collection (Graphische Sammlung) ETH Zurich.
2014-2015 Project assistant - database for art historic research. SNF research project: "Mudejarismo und maurisches Revival in Europa" lead by Prof. Giese.
2009-2014 Assistant - Investment und Advisory Team. Rothschild Bank AG.


Digital Collections. New Methods and Technologies for Art History
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