Michael Gnehm

SNSF-Research Project

Gottfried Semper: Style. Digital Edition

Project responsibility: Philip Ursprung (ETH Zurich), Sonja Hildebrand (USI, Mendrisio)
Project lead: Michael Gnehm (USI / ETH), co-project lead Digital Humanities: Elena Chestnova (USI)

➔➔ S E M P E RE D I T I O N
▬▬The digital edition of Gottfried Semper's Style in the Technical and Tectonic Arts (1860/63) presents the work for the first time in a critical and commented version. It includes materials relating to the published volumes of Style up to the second edition (1878/79) as well as to the preliminary stages and planned sequels: the manuscripts of Theory of Art Forms (1856), those of Comparative Architecture (1849–70), which can be attributed to the unfinished third volume of Style, as well as selected Lectures (1861–71) from Semper's teaching activities at ETH, which survive as student notes.


Michael Gnehm