Sigrid de Jong
Curriculum vitae

Sigrid de Jong is a senior assistant at the chair of Maarten Delbeke and teaches the history and theory of architecture. She is currently finishing the manuscript of her book on "The Emergence of Architectural Experience in London and Paris, 1750-1815", for which she has been awarded a Senior Fellowship (2019-2020) from the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art in London.

She is also co-leader of the SNSF-funded project 'Building Identity: Character in Architectural Discourse and Design' (2022-2026).

Her research focuses on eighteenth- and nineteenth-century architecture and architectural theory in France, England, Germany and Italy, with a special interest in the human responses to buildings and the city, in the public realm, in discourse and design. Sigrid holds a PhD in architectural history and theory from Leiden University (2010), and a Master in architectural history from the University of Amsterdam. She has worked as a curator at the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAi, now New Institute) in Rotterdam, and as an architectural historian at the architectural office Van Hoogevest Architecten.

At Leiden University she was a senior researcher and lecturer in architectural history and theory. Her postdoctoral research project (2010-2015) was on primitivism and architectural theory (1750-1850) in Maarten Delbeke’s project ‘The Quest for the Legitimacy of Architecture in Europe, 1750-1850’. From 2016 to 2019 she conducted a research project entitled ‘Experience and Design: The Emergence of Architectural Experience in Paris and London, 1750-1815’, funded by the talent scheme of NWO (Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research). In 2019 she curated the exhibition ‘Experiencing Paestum’ at the National Museum of Antiquities (RMO) in Leiden.

She is a recipient of grants from the INHA/Fondation de France, the Paul Mellon Centre for Studies in British Art and the Samuel H. Kress Foundation, and was awarded the Research Prize of the Erasmus Prize Foundation for an exceptional PhD dissertation in the humanities and social sciences (2012). Sigrid is the author of several articles in journals (Architectural Histories, Architectural History, Art History, Dix-Huitième Siècle) and in monographs (Semper, Labrouste, Soufflot). Her book "Rediscovering Architecture: Paestum in Eighteenth-Century Architectural Experience and Theory" was published by Yale University Press in 2014. Together with Caroline van Eck she is the editor of the "Companion to Eighteenth-Century Architecture" (Wiley- Blackwell, 2017).