Tom Avermaete

Selected Books

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-Tom Avermaete, Lisa Schmidt-Colinet, Daniela Herold (eds.), Living Lab: Constructing the Commons, Vienna: IKA Academy of Fine Arts/ IBA Vienna, 2018. (ISBN: 978-3-9503211-6-6).

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-Tom Avermaete, Another Modern: The Post-war Architecture of Candilis-
Josic-Woods, Rotterdam: Nai Publishers, 2005. (ISBN: 9056624733)

Book Chapters

-Tom Avermaete, ‘Beyond Innocence: The Norms and Forms of Colonial Urban Landscapes‘ in Braae, Ellen, and Henriette Steiner (eds.) Routledge Research Companion to Landscape Architecture. Abingdon, Oxon ; New York, NY : Routledge, 2019, 73-85.

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Urban Tissue’, in Max Risselada, Dirk Van den Heuvel (eds.), Team 10: In
Search of a Utopia of the Present, Rotterdam, NAi Publishers, 2005, pp.


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