Werner Oechslin
professor emeritus

The Werner Oechslin Library Foundation was established at the end of 1998, and at the beginning of 1999 a contract of use was concluded with the ETH Zurich [Swiss Federal Institute of Technology], thus creating ideal conditions for the Foundation's successful work. As an autonomous, small and dynamic institution, linked to the university network through Zurich ETH, the Werner Oechslin Library aims to become a centre of excellence for academic research. As part of this focus, the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation tries to encourage achievements of international importance and influence. At the same time the library sees itself as a place of lively cultural exchange. Young and experienced representatives of various different branches of knowledge and culture can encounter one another here, academics from the most varied cultural and language regions can hold discussions in their specialist fields. The Foundation wishes to make a significant contribution to culture and knowledge, particularly to architecture, and thus to the position of the humanities. In doing so it focuses particularly on nurturing talent. An academic advisory board, composed of renowned connoisseurs of architectural and art history, and cultural history in general, oversees the academic activities of the Werner Oechslin Library Foundation.

The Werner Oechslin Library's outstanding quality has been praised in many quarters. The initiative to make this source collection publicly available for academic study was warmly welcomed and elicited positive reactions from many prominent academics. But this step was also welcomed by institutes such as the International Society for Intellectual History, which has recognised the context of cultural and scientific history as being an important task in current research.