The Digital Publication of Architectural History

Veranstalter: Professur Delbeke
Datum: Donnerstag, 8. Februar 2018 bis Freitag, 9. Februar 2018
Ort: Pavillon HIR CO 1, Gustave-Naville-Weg 5, 8093 Zurich-Hönggerberg

The workshop intends to explore what a durable and truly digital publication culture of architectural history could look like. Digital publications activate various forms of digital visualization, data collection and management, and digital research tools; they question how these new means affect and shape the work of the historian; and they explore how this work is made available for assessment, consultation and debate. The aim of the workshop is to arrive at accessible, sustainable and potentially interactive results that open up new critical perspectives in architectural history.


Thursday 08.02.2018 (09:00-17:30)
Maarten Delbeke and Thomas Hänsli, Panayiota Pyla and Petros Phokaides, Christina Crawford,Tino Mager, Felix Martin, Muzzaffer Özgüles, Burcak Ozludil Altin, Elisabeth Narkin, Adriano Aymonino, Francesca Torello.

Friday 09.02.2018 (08:30- 18:00)
Emily Pugh, Jessica Gritti, Gamze Saygi, Mark Rakatansky, Nicola Bojic, Danielle Willkens, Dan Costa Baciu, Linda Stagni

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